It doesn’t let me live,

It doesn’t let me die,

you love doesn’t let me do anything….

The way this feeling holds me…..even your lies seems true to me.

Don’t you worry about my happiness….even this pain from you feels good.


There was a time when all we thought was what other people think of us????


Now all we think is about ourselves….

We think about all the times we thought what other people think….and believe me it was all the precious energy wasted on something that didn’t matter.

A little late….but life saving realization. Phew!!!

A toxic state of mind, but is that wrong??

It’s not that I don’t matter, but it is worse.

I don’t want to be in the spotlight, but just want my heart to know that it is respected by the ones who love me.

Love is everything, but is it?

An abundance of love is there but it still feels like a vital part of me is missing.

What is it?

It is a feeling, a feeling I hate

A toxic feeling, which brings the darkest persona of me.

I don’t trust myself with this personality.



People who feel too much, too often, for seemingly no good reason are the lucky ones.

Its how we all began once, we felt everything.

We needed everything at once, and that was a beautiful pain.

Now we are all slaves to our own materialistic needs, we think we might feel something, and until we feel anything it feels as if there is something wrong with us, May be we are broken.


But no, I say it means we are finally fixed.

She was a simple girl, far too complex to define. It would take an extraordinary soul to make her feel, because she managed to keep her heart open, despite the pain.

Someone tainted, etched with loving scars can truly embrace the duality of her being.


That was the kind of love that she could wait an eternity for….